Boys 5th Grade 

Coach: Kaleb Bryson
  • Carter Langum
  • Kameron Gleaves
  • Warren Parker
  • Chase Kirkpatrick
  • Wyatt Silves
  • Michael Hoekendorf
  • Jordan
  • Kris Hategekimana
  • Trent Ostrom

Monthly Payment $225

Local Tournament $60

Coach Kaleb grew up going to basketball games before he could even walk as his dad has been a coach for 20+ years.

He graduated from Arlington High School where he played varsity for three years as their point guard.  His junior year he made the same top 4A scoring list as Zach Lavine (NBA All Star) during the State Tournament at the Tacoma Dome. 


"My goal is to train/coach young athletes to achieve their own person goals".