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Teams Posted March 8th

Parent Info

Dear D-1 Elite Families,


Thank you for choosing to be a part of the D-1 family. We are honored to have the opportunity to coach and mentor young men and women in our community. The impact a coach can have on a child is something we take very seriously at D-1. We strive to create positive experiences and relationships that foster growth in character as well as basketball skills.

Payment App will be updated by Tuesday Next Week. 

Payment covers the following: tournaments (We cannot refund you for any tournaments you cant attend), Paid Coaching, Gym Fees - 2 practices per week, Training on Wednesdays, D-1 Elite T-shirt, Coaches Travel Costs, Insurance and training equipment. 

What's not included: Jersey's, Players Travel Costs, any extra travel tournaments beyond the initial schedule.

If you are a low income family and need assistance please message me for required documents to apply. There is an income threshold you must be under. We are a non-profit if you know any corporations who would like to donate to our cause please let me know as well. 


About the D-1 Program


D-1 Elite was started 9 years ago to teach aspiring youth how to get to the next level of basketball. Whether your goal is to play varsity or to play collegiate basketball, D-1 elite teaches the skills, character, work ethic and Basketball IQ that will help get you there. Our goal is take the top talent in the north side of Washington and compete on a national and statewide level. We believe many players north of Seattle go unseen on the recruiting trail simply because there are no quality programs to represent them and they are not getting the high level mentoring and skill development it requires. Instead of traveling to Seattle like I did as a high-schooler to get the best training and competition D-1 Elite offers a higher level of learning for kids locally up north.


What We Teach


We teach the same concepts I was taught at Portland, and concepts I have adopted after studying other programs (ie: Gonzaga, St marys, UW, Duke, Virgina). We teach the same defensive principles taught at Virginia under Tony Bennett and switching principles taught by Mark Few at Gonzaga. Practice plans will consist of 20-30 minutes of skill development, teaching high level fundamentals that correlate directly to games. Even at the college and pro levels they work on these same basic fundamentals that we will do every practice. After skill development we will focus on team oriented development, learning plays, learning the motion offense, and other defensive and offensive schemes. The last half of practice will consist of live playing. We take pride in our coaches being able to coach in live situations. Much like a college atmosphere we will do a lot of teaching and development out of controlled scrimmages on the fly. We believe this is where kids develop the most over the course of the year. If you are a parent and want to attend practices this is fine, just please don’t coach your kid during our practices, please wait till after practice or on the drive home if needed. 


What We Expect From Parents and Players


As a parent and player you are a reflection of our entire program, and you are a reflection of me.

It is very important that representation is one of the highest integrity, class, and respect.


We expect the following out of our players:


  • Play hard 100% of the time

  • Do not complain to referee's.

  • Be a Great Teammate; Communicate without putting others down, Positive encouragement, Play for each other, Make your teammate better.  

  • Show up on time and attend Practices, and Tournaments. (You get what you put into it.) If you are a multiple sport athlete, communicate your schedule, and what you can commit to. 

Attendance may affect playing time based on coaches discretion. (Excusable absences include: Sickness, Family Emergency, Scheduled School Events) (Homework is not excusable, we expect you to prioritize and get your work done ahead of time).   

  • Learn the plays and learn the concepts that are being taught. Apply yourself to be a student of the game.

  • Get along with your teammates. If you have an issue with a teammate please solve the issue amongst yourselves first. If issues persist please tell the coach and coach will confront all players involved. If the issue is not resolved by then I will intervene and it may result in players being removed from the team.

  • Be coach-able. Don’t talk back. Look the coach in the eye’s when he is instructing. Do not talk to teammates during instruction.


What We expect out of our parents:


  • DO NOT coach your kids from the sidelines. Please let your kid be coached by someone other than you during games and practice. If you are that inclined to coach please start your own team and go coach them. This a valuable concept that will help your kid in the long run. Give your coach a chance to establish a relationship with your kid. For instance If you yell at them as a parent, now I as a coach don’t feel inclined to correct any wrong actions because you are already bringing them down from the sidelines. Please wait till the ride home or even the next day if you absolutely feel the need to discuss what happened in the games or practice.

  • DO NOT yell or talk to refs in any negative way. Ref’s are bad, we all know it. My college coach always preached, you have to be so good that the ref’s don’t phase you. There is an art to working the officials as a coach, let the coach talk to the refs. Please fight the urge to bash the refs as it never ends up turning the calls around and they won’t give you calls in the future. If this becomes an issue you will be warned, and if it escalates you may be asked to leave or not be allowed to attend events. (Yes this has happened)...


Dealing with playing time issues


  • We are invested into your child’s growth. We encourage open communication between players and coaches. If your child is unhappy with his or her playing time please have them talk to the coach first. If your child is uncomfortable talking to the coach alone then I would suggest going with your child to the coach before or after practice and asking, “What does Jr. need to work on to get more time?” or “Hey Jr. really wants to be a starter or be able to play in crunch time minutes, what does he need to get better at to have that opportunity?”

Please refrain from talking to coaches immediately after games when emotions are high. Please wait 24 hours before contacting the coach after you feel an emotional outburst about to happen.

Please remember playing time is not guaranteed in this organization, We strive to allow more time than other programs, however each individual must earn their time.


If you have further issues with a coach or think he has vendetta against your kid, please come to me and I will look further into it, I can request game film or go over certain weaknesses and strengths that I see.




We plan on going this season from Mid March to Mid July. 8th-HS will be off all of June due to high school teams. 

Your coach will send you all a proposed schedule and will tally up how many players can make all 7 proposed tournaments. If we get 7 or more players for a tourney then we will most likely do that tournament. Any less we will try for another date until we get 7 tournaments that 7 or more can make. This will be set by the end of the first practice week, and if you cannot make a tournament we cannot refund you money.


The same jerseys will be used from last year. If you are a new player, or need a new jersey, you will have to purchase a new jersey which we will order the first week of practices once we get your size. We are having to use a different jersey provider this year because of supply chain issues with our previous. 



Jared Stohl


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