Boys 8th #2 Grade 

Coach: Blake Rawlings
  • Ano Palacol
  • Cole Thorson
  • Wyatt Harris
  • Mateen Usui
  • Mateo Love
  • JJ Hoekendorf
  • Zach Rice
  • Mason Holliday
  • Kolten Matsen-Olsen
  • Mehkai
  • Landon Bowen

Monthly Payment $225

Local Tournament $60

Coach Blake graduated from Burlington Edison High School where he was a four year varsity player.  He averaged 23 points per game his senior year with 43% from the 3 point line. He was all state first team and played on multiple Washington select teams where he received offers in Washington, Minnesota and Florida.  

He has coached Burlington Freshman team as well as their 8th grade AAU team for the past 2 years.  

"I am looking forward to everything I can bring to the program and our athletes.  This will be a fun year with D1!"